Marketing Characteristics 

General Information

Serbian Radio Chicago’s broadcast started in 1995 and reaches 400,000 listeners within Chicago’s metropolitan area, Illinois, North West Indiana, and Wisconsin.

SRC is broadcasted from WNWI 1080 AM Monday-Friday from 3pm-4pm CST, during our daily broadcast listeners can tune in via internet at the same time.

Serbian Radio Chicago also has a streaming 24/7 radio, Radio Ravasi, which plays music and old broadcasts.

SRC’s daily program is available as a podcast that can be found on our website and on iTunes.

The format of Serbian Radio Chicago is centered around: local, national, and international news, sports and weather, feature stories, entertainment, live reports from around the world and music.

Our contact information:

Ph# 773-933-9180    Fax# 773-933-9179

Listener Statistics

This is our Listener Characteristics:

    1. Majority have a college degree or higher
    2. Better educated and home ownership is much higher than US average
    3. Most speak English fluent




Transmitter Location     41° 38' 36" N,  87° 38' 45" W
                   Daytime Power     3000 Watts
  Height above Avg. Terrain     358 meters (1175 feet)
     Height above Sea Level     538 meters (1766 feet)

Signature voice in  the USA
 WNWI 1080 AM 3-4 PM CST